We might have a new look, but we have the same Feel Good Cover that’s been helping Australians for 140 years.

Read on to find out more.

Empowering communities

Empowering communities, getting the most for our 110,000+ members and making sense of healthcare has always been the foundation of our Feel Good Cover

And nothing feels as good as someone having your back when you really need it.

1881 to today

We are incredibly proud of how Westfund started and has grown into the member-focused fund it is today. Quality products, a world-class net promoter score and home-grown service are what makes us so special. We hope that’s always true. But we’ve evolved a lot in the past few years and it’s time more people knew our story.

Today, Westfund provides quality health insurance to families, individuals and organisations across Australia. Our members have access to one of the nation’s largest private hospital networks. And through our nation-wide Provider of Choice Network or our New South Wales and Queensland Care, Dental and Eye Centre locations, we’re ensuring more members gain access to high quality and high value health services, no matter where they live.

Recent improvements for members

We launched a virtual health clinic for members with Extras to continue to use their health services 

We expanded our Health and Wellbeing Programs, focusing on mental health and getting home from hospital sooner

Our new Members Online lets members make claims on the go or update their membership details

We’ve grown our community programs, giving hundreds of thousands of dollars back to community organisations throughout regional Australia

New enhancements around the corner

A new website designed to translate the complex world of health insurance into helpful advice on how to use your cover

Expanding our digital offerings to make it easier than ever for members to connect with us and get help, all on their terms

Enhanced programs and rewards to thank our most loyal members

Making limits usage visible in the app… we heard you and it’s coming

We know you may have questions

How is Westfund investing in its members?

Westfund is focused on keeping the costs of private health insurance down, so we can continue to deliver quality and affordability to our members. But, we also know that choice of care and health benefits are important to our members. That’s why we’re growing our Provider of Choice Network, so more members can access quality Dental and Eye Care services, while also reducing out-of-pocket costs. We’ve already expanded our Health and Wellbeing Programs so that more members can access leading programs to keep them healthy and out of hospital. And, we’re exploring new ways we can provide value for our existing members with loyalty programs and rewards.

We’re always looking at ways to improve and develop our Online Services. User feedback has been invaluable when improving out range of online services. And, we’re pleased to say our new Members Online is just the beginning of our enhanced online experience. Our website will be overhauled with practical advice for members on how to use and get value from their investment in private health insurance. This represents a continued commitment to our members in evolving to meet their needs today and into the future.

Do I need to do anything different?

No. You can now use your email address to login to Members Online and the App. Once logged in, you’ll see we’ve simplified the claiming process and made the new site mobile responsive, meaning you can update your details or make a claim on-the-go. Learn more here.

What is the story behind the Westfund logo?

First introduced in 2012, our logo celebrates the rising sun — a symbol of life, energy and warmth. It encircles the ‘we’ of Westfund which is how we like to think about putting our members and the community at the centre of everything we do. We’ve held on to our brand orange and have paired it with a colour palette inspired by Australia’s iconic landscapes — the reds of the Australian outback, the greens of eucalypt forests and the blues of the coast. It’s uniquely Australian, and uniquely us.

When and where will I see the new look?

Our new look will go live across our social media, website and Members Online from 1 December. We’re taking a sustainable and phased approach to the rollout, which means all of our branding and signage will be updated in time. There will be a period where you will see both versions of the logo in use, and that’s ok. We will be updating signage across our Care Centres early next year. The inside of our Centres will be updated timed to their existing update schedule, which will be months or years for some Centres.

Think you may have seen some familiar faces in our new designs? We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to capture our real members who let us into their lives to share some special moments. You’ll see a lot more of their faces across our advertising and promotions over the coming months. To all those who were part of the shoot, thank you.

Welcome to Westfund. There’s a whole lot more to come.