If you’re already with a health fund and want to switch to Westfund, we’ve made it easy for you.

Once you’ve decided on what level of cover is right for you, we’ll take care of the rest. We can cancel your old policy for you and request all the paperwork. We’re here to make joining Westfund a simple process.

Continuity of cover

If you transfer to Westfund from another registered health fund we will guarantee continuity of cover for the benefits included in your previous cover. This applies only to the benefits you were entitled to under your previous cover, as long as these benefits are included under your new Westfund cover.

Waiting periods on transfer

When transferring from another fund with no break in cover, you may be subject to a waiting period for Westfund benefits for:

  • any benefits under your new policy that were not included in your previous cover
  • any difference between a Westfund benefit and the one provided by your previous fund, where the Westfund benefit is higher
  • the unexpired portions of any waiting periods that haven’t been fully served under the terms of your previous cover
  • the difference between any excess or co-payment payable under the previous cover and the new cover (where the previous cover carried a higher excess or co-payment)

To switch, simply join online or call one of our membership consultants on 1300 937 838.

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