Meet Dentist Nessa Finlay

One of the newest members of the Westfund Dental team is dentist Nessa Finlay.

Nessa was born in Ireland and immigrated to Australia just three months ago.

Before making the move to Australia, Nessa worked as a dentist as part of a head and neck surgical team in a general hospital in the U.K.

She started her role with Westfund in May at the Lithgow Dental Care Centre and has enjoyed getting to know not only colleagues and members but the area itself.

“My favourite thing so far has been the people, everyone is really relaxed – although I’ve heard great things about Lake Lyell in the summer, so that might become my favourite thing,” Nessa said.

Dentistry can be both challenging and rewarding – few professions have the challenges of patient perception that dentists can face.

For Nessa, however, helping patients is her passion.

“Helping to get people out of pain is pretty rewarding,” she said.

The theme for Dental Health Week 2017 is ‘oral health for busy lives’ and Nessa has shared her multitasking tip with us.

Keep a roll of floss in your sitting room so you can take a piece in the evening when you’re watching television – this means you won’t even realise you’re doing it,

Head into our Lithgow Dental Care Centre at 120 Main Street to meet Nessa.