It’s good to have choice.

You’ve got access to great healthcare options just for being a member of Westfund. Choose from providers in our Provider of Choice network, our own Westfund Care Centres (regional) or your own provider.

Providers of Choice

We’re proud to have a strong network of optical, dental and physiotherapy providers who work with us to help lower or eliminate out-of-pocket costs on selected treatments*.

Westfund Care Centres

Our highly-qualified clinical teams at our Eye Care Centres and Dental Centre are committed to providing quality care to their patients, with minimal or no out-of-pocket costs on selected treatments.

Use your own provider

No Provider of Choice in your area? No worries. As long as whoever is treating you is a registered provider, you can see whoever you choose. Just make your claim through our app, online or at a Westfund Care Centre.

*Our Provider of Choice providers are not employees of Westfund Health Insurance and are responsible for any warranties for treatment they perform. If you have any concerns regarding the treatment you receive from a Provider of Choice, you should first approach that provider to discuss the matter. We suggest that you check your preferred provider is registered as a Provider of Choice prior to making an appointment at their practice.

Extras providers

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