Feel good just for being a member.

Feel Good Cover doesn’t just start and end with making a claim. At Westfund, we’re always looking for ways to keep you healthy and connected – that’s why these programs are included in eligible covers for you to use when you need the extra support.

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Whether it’s in-home rehabilitation or care, mental health resources or general health and wellbeing programs, Westfund is always about putting people over profit by investing in our members.

Get home from hospital sooner:

Hospital Care at Home

Recover in the privacy of your home, supported by your healthcare team.

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Rehab at Home

Have the option of doing that all-important rehabilitation out of hospital.

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Take care of your Mental Health:

Online mental health support

Take advantage of Mindstep’s Online CBT mental health short courses all via phone.

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Take control of your mental health with the Mindstep six-week online program, supporting your mental health and wellbeing.

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Comprehensive Mental Health Support

Get the help you need to manage; worry, feeling low, stress and anxiety, poor sleep or fatigue. This eight to sixteen-week program is delivered by mental health professionals.

Comprehensive Mental Health Support

Managing a chronic health condition:

Healthy Weight for Life

Manage your lifestyle after a diagnosis of a cardiovascular condition, Type 2 Diabetes or Osteoarthritis without leaving home.

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Weight Management for Wellness

A personalised 12 to 24-week online program combining nutrition, exercise science and modern behaviour change theory supported by qualified health coaches.

Weight Management for Wellness