Hospital Care at Home

Recovering in the comfort of your own home can help maximise your recovery progress. Westfund have partnered with expert providers to bring the hospital to your home for eligible members. This program is coordinated by Westfund’s partner who are an experienced provider of home and community based care.

What is it?

Westfund has partnered with highly experienced clinical providers to deliver this tailored program to your needs. If you meet the criteria, you may be able to complete some of your rehabilitation or recovery management at home – instead of needing to stay in hospital longer than is necessary. It’s a direct substitution of in-hospital care.

This program can include clinical care – like complex nursing support or physiotherapy, or personal care – like help with showering and dressing or cleaning and meals.


Who’s it for?

Eligible Westfund Members who have had a hospital admission for surgical or complex medical issues and need extra care – but who want to do it in the comfort of home. If you’re a member who has held Gold or Silver tier hospital cover for at least two months, all you need to do is check your eligibility.  

Eligibility criteria

Hospital Care at Home is available to active, up to date Westfund members who have held Gold or Silver tier Hospital or any Overseas cover for at least two months. Members can only be enrolled in one Hospital-Substitute Treatment program offered by Westfund at a time.


Members must also meet the following criteria:


  • Be otherwise required to stay in hospital for their treatment.
  • Be clinically stable and have approval from the hospital care team.
  • Have appropriate supports in the home e.g. carer or other support.
  • Live in a suitable environment with access to a telephone.
  • Be suitable for Hospital Care at Home services e.g. able to follow instructions, safe at home.
  • Agree to be in a Hospital Care at Home program.


Please note additional clinical criteria may apply. Full program eligibility is determined by the program provider. Programs are dependent on provider availability. 

Getting started

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Taking the first step

Read through the program eligibility criteria above if you think you may be eligible all you need to do is ask your doctor if your condition can be treated at home. You may be able to receive your acute care while being able to stay at home. The team caring for you in hospital will need to complete a referral form for Westfund’s approved list of providers. To find out who these providers are and obtain the referral form call Westfund on 1300 937 838.

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Checking your Westfund eligibility

Our friendly team are on hand to discuss your eligibility for your chosen program. Simply call 1300 937 838 or send us an email

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Our Health and Wellbeing Team

We will organise for our program partners to contact you and confirm clinical eligibility and next steps.

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Currently receiving treatment in hospital?

If you’re planning on continuing your care using the program, it’s important to get a referral from your doctor before you leave hospital. If you have been discharged, you’re no longer eligible.

Enquire about this program

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More information

Included/excluded services

Clinical care services

  • Nursing support (short term wound care and IV antibiotics) to help with your individual needs
  • Physiotherapy, to improve your strength, balance, mobility and safety at home

Other services

  • Personal care, to help with showering and dressing
  • Domestic assistance including meals and cleaning to assist in the early days after leaving hospital

Services not included in Hospital Care at Home

  1. Chronic wound care e.g. wound care that will be ongoing over months
  2. The administration of oral or subcutaneous (an injection under the skin) medication
  3. Personal care or daily living assistance only – a clinical care service needs to be associated with your referral to Hospital Care at Home