What's the Natural Disaster Financial Hardship suspension?

We support our members when they need us the most.

That’s why we offer a Natural Disaster Financial Hardship suspension to members feeling the impacts of natural disasters – floods, fires and other events dealt by Mother Nature.

During the tough times, you don’t need the extra burden of health cover payments.

Temporary suspension (for up to three months) means you are able to retain your membership and resume paying your premiums when your situation improves.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to claim during this period.

However, once you reactivate your membership, you will not need to re-serve any waiting periods and you will be able to claim immediately on the benefits provided by your level of cover.

We are also on hand to discuss your cover options with you to ensure we continue to meet your needs and to provide approaches to make your premiums manageable.

There are some criteria and Terms and Conditions that apply to this offer. Find out more.