Member support

We are committed to supporting our members affected by family and domestic violence and encourage members to reach out for a confidential discussion about how we can help.

What is family and domestic violence?

Family and domestic violence takes many forms and can affect anyone. Family and domestic violence involves a pattern of abusive behaviour that aims to scare and control a person. The abuse does not have to be physical to be family and domestic violence.

A serious form of family and domestic violence is financial abuse — where an abuser uses money or the access to services like health insurance, as a means to gain power and control.

What can Westfund offer you?

How we can help

  • Financial leniency, in periods where your focus needs to be on your safety.
  • The option to help you take out your own policy, if you want, to protect your safety.
  • The introduction of additional layers of password protection to your account, to ensure that your personal and sensitive information remains safe and confidential.
  • The option to include a confidential note on your file, so that you only need to explain your situation to us once and so that subsequent staff who deal with you are aware of your situation.
  • The option to protect any claims that are made meaning claim information will not appear online or in any claims history documents that are issued, if it is sensitive.
  • The option to lock your account so that it can only be access by our staff that are directly involved in provided your assistance, giving you additional privacy.
  • We can discuss safe ways to communicate with you.

Who else can you contact outside of Westfund?

There are a number of free services available to support those impacted by family and domestic violence. We’ve listed many of them here.

While Westfund staff are not counsellors, we are here to support you. We encourage you to call us for a confidential discussion about the assistance we can offer when it comes to your health cover.