How to: clean your glasses, eyewear and sunglasses.

Person cleaning eye glasses

Keeping your glasses and sunglasses clean can seem impossible. Cleaning them to rid them of smudges with a cloth and spray may suffice, however sometimes they may need more.

Every so often to keep them in tip-top shape our glasses need a thorough clean.

Here are some tips to help:

  1. Wash your hands to make sure they are free from any dirt or grime.
  2. Rinse your glasses under lukewarm water in the sink to wash off any excess debris that could scratch your lenses.
  3. Rub a tiny amount of dishwashing liquid or hand wash between your fingers. Give your lenses a light gentle wash. Make sure to use soaps that are free from lotions.

TIP: Clean where the frame meets the lenses and contact areas such as nose pads.

  1. Rinse your glasses thoroughly to remove all soap and dry with a microfibre cloth.

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