Feels good to have an award-winning website!


We are thrilled that our website has been announced as a Gold Good Design Award winner for Digital – Web Design and Development.

We were extremely lucky to work with our amazing partners at Future Friendly who supported us in this ambitious project. We set out a 14-week project to help our members find the right health cover for them. We also wanted to help to support them to make the most of it. They were also tasked with translating our new brand from Houston Group into a digital environment.

Our goal was to provide a cleaner, clearer website that was relevant to our members and the information they need from us. This would turn our website into a 24/7 portal for member convenience.

A vital part of this project was reframing our support content to align to the questions people have, rather than the way our business thinks about them. And so our Help Desk came to life.

Simple, plain-English answers and step-by-step signposting means people can quickly get help, without having to pick up the phone. The Good Design Awards jury commented: “Navigation and overall homepage structure are well-considered. The design language used throughout is approachable and assists with wayfinding and readability. It's considerate to the audience —love the side by comparisons. Clear choices about what you get and what you don't get. Nice work. Well done.”

Thank you Good Design Australia and Future Friendly.

You can read more about the Good Design award and other innovative project winners here: https://good-design.org/projects/westfund-better-health-cover-for-regional-australia/