Westfund age extension caring for families

Families will receive some much-needed cost-of-living relief from Westfund Health Insurance with the launch of an extension to the adult family policy. 


Westfund recently announced a family coverage age increase for adult dependants from 25 to 31 years of age, as of August 1, 2022. 


Deputy Chief Executive Officer Jon Goodgame said Westfund’s family coverage was already one of the most generous in the industry and the extension was another step in supporting Australian families.


“Our extension to the age of dependants is squarely aimed at reducing the cost-of-living pressures families are currently facing without compromising on their access to quality healthcare. 


“Inflation is now the highest it has been since the early 1990s and is forecast to increase even further.


“Now is more important than ever to keep healthcare as affordable as possible. We know that no two families are the same and that’s why we offer a range of health insurance options designed for all life stages.


“Adult children are living at home longer as they set about establishing themselves via study or early career development and this family cover extension is designed to make healthcare more accessible while they do this.


“Young adults are facing increasing financial pressures, and by raising our age limit of dependants from 25 to 31 years, we’re enabling more members to utilise healthcare services for longer."


This age increase is just one way that Westfund is continuing to provide Australian families access to more affordable healthcare and peace of mind knowing that they’re covered.