Westfund Health Insurance now offers Disability Dependant cover options for families, promoting inclusivity and support

Lithgow, NSW: Westfund Health Insurance, leading regional health fund, has enhanced its cover categories to include dependants with a disability, providing more inclusive private health insurance options for families with diverse needs.

Westfund's new cover categories allow disability dependants over the age of 31, with an active National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan, to remain on their parents’ or guardians’ membership. This enhancement opens up new possibilities for families in this category by making private health insurance more affordable and accessible.

Mark Genovese, CEO of Westfund, highlighted the importance of the new Disability Dependant cover options, emphasising how they reflect Westfund's dedication to creating a healthier, more inclusive Australia: “These enhancements are directly tied to our research findings in the Westfund Regional Health Gap Report, where we identified significant disparities in healthcare access across the nation. By offering these improved cover types, we are taking a crucial stride towards bridging these gaps and ensuring that everyone has access to quality healthcare.”

"We take pride in being the first regional health fund to extend cover for families who want their loved one who has a disability to remain on their policy after the age of 31, and this milestone speaks volumes about our unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our members and the broader community," remarked Mr Genovese.

In response to the Federal Government's decision to raise the maximum age of dependants for Private Health Insurance from 25 to 31 and eliminate the age limit for dependants with disabilities, Westfund has now incorporated both changes into its product range. These improvements aim to help families access more affordable private health insurance with the convenience of managing a singular membership.

Westfund remains dedicated to offering comprehensive and cost-effective health insurance solutions for Australians of all backgrounds. These latest cover options exemplify Westfund's ongoing commitment to this promise.

Westfund members who are interested in adding their dependant with a disability who is over the age of 31 to their cover are encouraged to get in touch via phone (1300 937 838) or email ([email protected]).