Westfund introduces Multi-Factor Authentication to its online services

Lithgow, NSW: Leading regional health fund, Westfund Health Insurance, has announced the implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) across its online services. This enhancement underscores Westfund’s commitment to the highest data protection standards and a secure digital experience for its members.

The introduction of mandatory MFA provides an extra layer of protection by requiring an additional form of verification before granting access to online accounts. MFA is a crucial step for the health fund in adapting to the increasing sophistication of digital threats.

“Our members trust us with their most personal information, and it's a responsibility we take with great care," said Westfund CEO Mark Genovese.

“The introduction of Multi-Factor Authentication is another advancement in our security setup in an era where the safeguarding of digital information has never been more critical," he said.

Members can expect a seamless experience, with no changes to where they access Members Online or the Westfund app. Members will be prompted with MFA during their regular login process.

"While cyber security can be complex, the implementation of these measures doesn't have to be,” said Mr Genovese.

“We've made it our mission to ensure that every interaction with Westfund is simple, secure, and stress-free for our members" he explained.

“Together, we're taking an important step to better meet the needs of our members As more members opt for digital interactions, we are dedicated to providing secure and reliable support.”

Members can learn more about the implementation here.