Westfund Lithgow Care Centre expands healthcare services to support regional health

Lithgow, NSW - Westfund Health Insurance are always looking for way to support their members’ health. With more than 110,000 Aussies now part of the Westfund community, they are focused on expanding their healthcare services and resources to people in regional communities.

“Access to quality and timely healthcare services in regional Australia is an ongoing challenge and something we are heavily invested in addressing,” said Westfund Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Transformation, Jon Goodgame.

“We are committed to being able to provide our members with the resources they need to take control of their health, which is why we have introduced a SiSU Health Station to our Lithgow Care Centre to help.”

The medical grade health stations offer quick and easy health checks for important health issues, such as heart, stress and diabetes risks.

The SiSU app allows users to download their results, enrol in health programs, complete health challenges and access additional tools for monitoring health data and living a healthy life. Westfund members will have the opportunity to enjoy free access to the premium version of the SiSU Health app for 12 months.

“We are encouraging our local Westfund members and members of the community to visit our Lithgow Care Centre at a time convenient to them, no appointment is needed.”

Since it’s installation in early December last year, more than 60 people have utilised the service, with 24 of these people referred to their GP for risk factors detected in the screening. “We look forward to seeing the benefits this machine will continue to bring to the community,” he said.

This is just the beginning of a number of initiatives being explored to help Westfund members and their communities to stay healthy.  “We are committed to be part of the solution in providing access to high quality healthcare for Regional Australians.”