Westfund Named 2024 Western NSW Business of the Year

Westfund Health Insurance is pleased to announce they have been named 2024 Western NSW Business of the Year by Business NSW at the 2024 Western NSW Business Awards Gala event, in front of 230 business leaders.

This prestigious award signifies a remarkable achievement for Westfund, underscoring its unwavering commitment to addressing healthcare challenges and providing accessible health and wellbeing services.

Mark Genovese, Chief Executive Officer - Westfund Health Insurance, expressed, "We're honoured to have received the title of Western NSW Business of the Year. It's a testament to our team's tireless efforts and commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of regional Australians.”

"This award is not only a recognition of our past achievements but also an encouragement for us to continue our efforts to bridging healthcare access gaps," said Mr Genovese. 

“Central to our efforts is the Westfund Regional Health Gap Report, which examined health risk distribution, access to care, and treatment costs across eight regional locations. The findings have guided us in testing initiatives to improve healthcare accessibility and outcomes in regional Australia,” adds Mr Genovese.

In addition, Westfund was also awarded the "Excellence in Large Business" category, further solidifying their position as a leading organisation in Western NSW.

The independent judges commended Westfund for their efforts in addressing healthcare challenges and providing accessible services, demonstrating a profound commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of its members and local communities.

"Westfund Health Insurance’s win showcases the incredible strength, longevity and innovation that we know is very much alive in Western NSW. Our regional economy thrives because of businesses like Westfund, who are focussed on sustainable growth and a commitment to maintaining a physical presence across the regions” said Vicki Seccombe, Regional Director – Western NSW, Business NSW.

“The Western NSW Business Awards are all about celebrating and showcasing the diverse array of talent in Western NSW’s business community and this year’s winners should feel incredibly proud to be named as the region’s leading businesses and leaders for 2024", said Ms Seccombe.

For more information about the Western NSW Business Awards, please visit Business NSW Events Page.