Westfund’s Community Grants Program making a difference to Australian communities

Wollongong NSW, supporting communities to thrive is part of Westfund Health Insurance’s DNA. Westfund are passionate believers in community organisations that inspire the principles of Health and Wellbeing, Family and Community and Fit for Life.

This passion led to the creation of the Westfund Community Grants Program. Through the program, they are proud to offer up to $120,000 in annual grants to eligible community groups and organisations.

The Westfund Community Grants Program also includes our Here for Hearts program, which provides access to defibrillators for eligible organisations.

The Warrawong and Port Kembla Anglican Church were successful in their application for a defibrillator in the first round of applications this year.

The defibrillator will be presented to the churches on Tuesday 8 November 2022.

Community Development Manager Lence Naumovski said the Westfund Community Grants Program continues to grow from strength to strength, with a huge number of applications received in both rounds of the 2021/22 financial year.

“This meant a lot of hard work for our committee, who are tasked with the difficult job of assessing the applications to decide where we distribute the grants.

“We were pleased to again award grants to a diverse range of organisations making a meaningful difference in their communities.

“We’re proud to support Warrawong and Port Kembla Anglican Church by providing them a defibrillator to help them protect their communities health.“

More information about Westfund’s Community Grants Program can be found here.
Photo credit: Illawarra Mercury