Scam and fraud protection

Keeping your personal information safe and secure is our highest priority. To help keep your information safe, it’s important to know how to manage and limit cyber risks. We’ve put together some tips on what to keep an eye out for and what you can do if you suspect an illegitimate or suspicious direct communication.

How we get in touch with you.

We’re here to help you spot a scam. If you’re ever not sure of a communication you have received from us via email, SMS, social media or via phone, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 1300 937 838 or email [email protected].

How to safeguard your own information.

  • It's important to check a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) before clicking on a link in a communication. A URL has two main components. One is the protocol identifier (https://) and the second is the resource name (example: Our Westfund website URL is Another way to check a link's legitimacy is by hovering over the URL with your mouse. The link you're hovering over should match the URL you see. 
  • If you need to manage your membership, you can visit Members Online - You can also go to Members Online directly from our website homepage. Under the Members dropdown, you can select 'member login' and you will be transferred to the Members Online login page. 
  • Do not share any of your passwords, personal or financial information. We will never request personal or financial information such as Medicare number, bank or credit card details via email – if you receive a communication like this, please call 1300 937 838 or report the scam to [email protected]
  • If you receive a phone call and you think the person calling is posing as a credible organisation and they request access to your computer, your passwords or other sensitive information, always say no. When a Westfund staff member directly calls you they will ask to confirm your identity with three identification points. If you are suspicious that you are not speaking with a Westfund staff member, you can stop the call and call us back on 1300 937 838. It’s important to note our Westfund Contact Centre employees are all based in Australia.

If you want to learn more about scams, you can visit Scam Watch.