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The Tooth Fairy flies in to educate kids – NSW and QLD

The Westfund Dental Care team visits local schools and community organisations every year. Children get to meet the Tooth Fairy and receive a dental pack with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Children learn about decay, healthy gums, good foods and bad foods, mouth guards in sport and the importance of regular check-ups. It’s a fun and interesting way to present essential information to children.

Good oral care is an important factor in general overall health. Healthy teeth and gums can mean healthy, happy children and that’s what we strive for.

This Westfund initiative is a free community service that began in 2010. Since then hundreds of children have enjoyed an interactive and entertaining presentation to excite and educate on the importance of oral health and preventing problems before they happen.

Free vision screenings can identify obstacles to learning

We believe in healthy happy communities. One of the ways we work towards this is by conducting regular eye checks, particularly for school children. These can identify vision problems that may also be an obstacle to learning. Many children do not receive any professional eye care until they become adults. By then some may have suffered loss of development due to poor eyesight or eye disease.

Our vision screening program is a free community service and a valuable tool for parents and educators. It helps ensure that any eye health concerns are addressed quickly. The screenings are quick and fun for children. Parents receive a vision screening report of their child including a basic assessment and any recommendation for a further comprehensive eye examination if required.

For more information, email us, contact your local Westfund branch or call 1300 552 132.

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