We’re always looking for ways to give something back to our members.

Our Member Advantages program does just that. Advantages accrue over time, so the longer you’re with us, the more we give you back. The following advantages are available depending on your level of cover. Refer to your Policy Summary for full details.

  • No Excess for day surgery, kids or in an accident for Private Hospital Admissions

    We don’t apply an excess^ on any claim for day surgery or hospitalisation resulting from an accident when admitted to a Private Hospital or for kids when admitted to a Public or Private Hospital on our Gold and Silver tiered policies.
    ^ may apply within 12 months of transferring from another fund. Standard hospital waiting periods apply.

  • Forced Retrenchment Benefit

    We’ll suspend your membership for up to 6 months if you’re made redundant.
    Available after 36 months

  • Protected Industrial Action

    We’ll suspend your membership for up to 6 months due to protected industrial action.
    Available after 36 months

  • Overseas Travel

    We’ll suspend your membership for up to 24 months due to overseas travel.

  • Westfund Dental and Eyecare

    Member Fees at Westfund Dental Care Centre, Lithgow and Westfund Eye Care Centres for Hospital Only and Ambulance policies
    Available when joining