High blood pressure 101 | Westfund Health Insurance

Did you know that blood pressure is the pressure generated by your heart as it pumps blood? This allows the blood to circulate around your body, down to your toes and back again. High blood pressure is when the force of the blood flowing through your blood vessels is too high.

Exhausted woman at her home office desk

Pandemic fatigue: Why you're feeling worn out

Sleepy? Struggling to motivate? Wondering where all your energy has gone? Join the club. According to the Mental Health Commission pandemic fatigue is real, absolutely understandable and being experienced by many Australians right now.

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Health funds support their members through pandemic

Australia’s private health insurers paid out $5.4 billion in benefits between April and June 2020 despite the challenging operating environment under COVID-19 restrictions.

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Get the care you need from the comfort of home

At Westfund, not only do our members have a variety of services they can continue to access, but they can access many of these services from the safety of their home.

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Claiming prescriptions, injections and vaccinations

Looking after your health often means accessing prescriptions, injections and vaccinations. If you hold an eligible Extras Cover and have served the two month waiting period, you may be able to claim a benefit towards the cost of some of these pharmaceuticals.