A brief silence falls at the top of the starting hill at Walkerston BMX track just before the gate drops. It only lasts a couple of seconds. But that time is precious for the riders of all ages who wait with nervous energy, ready to fly down the hill and onto the bumps, lumps and curves of the track.

As all riders know, getting a good start is crucial to the race.

There was an increased popularity of events like the X Games and the inclusion of BMX (an abbreviation of Bicycle Moto Cross) in the Summer Olympics. So, awareness of the sport has increased greatly. It has become a much more accessible option for those who want to try something other than the more traditional sports on offer.

Walkerston BMX Club was established in 1982 and members have watched it grow since then. It is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia and has the added benefit of being something the entire family can enjoy, with the emphasis on both fun and inclusivity.

Mums, dads and kids are all welcome. Walkerston has riders ranging from Mini Wheelers to, in the club’s own words, ‘mature age’. “It is very much a family affair,” explained club fundraising coordinator, Kirsty Skaines.

Seen by some as a more ‘extreme’ sport, there’s no question that the benefits of BMX outweigh anything else. “You get the fitness, the fun, the friendships, all that side of it. That definitely outweighs the few little scuffs here and there,” said Kirsty.