How do I make an ambulance claim?

Emergencies do happen – that’s why having ambulance cover offers peace of mind knowing you’re covered for the unexpected.

There are two types of ambulance travel – emergency and non-emergency patient transport (NEPT).

Services available under non-emergency patient transport might be:

  • Inter-Hospital transfers (except public hospital to public hospital)
  • Admissions to hospital from home
  • Ambulance service fees where subsequent transport isn’t required (call out fees).

Just like making an extras claim, you can make an ambulance claim through Members Online or via our app. Alternatively, you can email your completed claim form and your account to [email protected].

Already paid the ambulance bill? Get in contact with us and we’ll review the account for you.

Remember, depending on your state of residence, you may be covered by a state ambulance scheme.

Check the ambulance cover arrangements in your state.