How can I add my membership card to my digital wallet?

Adding your membership card to Apple Wallet is easy! Just:

  1. Open or get the Westfund app on iPhone
  2. Tap 'Add to Apple Wallet' and follow the prompts.

For Apple Watch: Once the card has been added to iPhone, it will automatically sync to the Apple Watch.

Where can I use my digital membership card?

You can use the digital card to make any extras claim at any HICAPS reader. If you're unsure, ask the provider.

Is the digital card in Apple Wallet secure?

Yes. Your card is encrypted on your device with your passcode, and your membership number is encrypted when it is securely transmitted from your device to the reader. Apple doesn’t track when you add your card to Wallet. Need more information? Visit

How do I find my membership number?

Your membership number can be accessed by tapping the More (ellipsis) button when viewing your card, and then selecting “Pass Details” from the menu, or from the Westfund app. On Apple Watch tap the Information button when viewing your card to view Person Identification numbers and your membership number.

What should I do if I lose my device?

If you need to disable the card, just get in contact with us, and use Apple Find My (https:// to mark your device as lost or remotely erase your device. Need more information? Head to

How can I pay for the gap payment using Apple Pay?

Add a payment card from your bank or card company to Apple Pay using the Wallet app. You can then make any gap payments using Apple Pay. Want to learn more? Visit

What if I’m experiencing technical difficulties?

If you're having issues using your digital card, contact Westfund on 1300 937 838. For device specific issues refer to Wallet Support: or Apple Support

Works with iPhone 6 and later running iOS 11 or later, and Apple Watch, with compatible reader.