Spotscreen Skin Cancer Screening

We've put together some of the most frequently asked questions about our Skin Cancer Screening program with Spotscreen, and what you can expect at your appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can members expect from their skin screening?

The person being checked will be asked a series of questions to understand your skin health history. The practitioner will then examine your skin with a Dermatoscope, a large medical magnifier. You'll be required to take your items of clothing off (excluding underwear).


Where spots or moles are found to need further analysis, the practitioner will take an image using a specialised detection technology called a Siascope, these images give the practitioner a detailed view of up to 2mm underneath the skin. This will help identify if the spot is safe or at risk of being a skin cancer.


This is a screening test only and no treatment can be provided on the day (referral for treatment will be provided if needed).


Who performs the skin cancer screening?

Skin Cancer Screenings will be provided by a female Spotscreen Skin Cancer Screening Clinician who is a registered nurse and certified in skin cancer detection through Australia's leading Skin Cancer Training Institutions. Additionally, Clinicians are trained in best-practice Skin Assess (R) processes and SIAscope Technology.

Why offer a Screening test rather than a full skin check?

A full skin check requires a full clinical set up, including a procedure room for excisions, pathology collection and storage etc. Unfortunately, we can't facilitate this.

What is Westfund's role?

Westfund has partnered with Spotscreen to offer skin screenings at a lower cost. Westfund is providing the space in selected Care Centres for the checks to be conducted. All other logistics are managed by Spotscreen.

How can you book an appointment?

All appointment bookings are made online and Spotscreen will be providing this link for each of the Care Centres. Once you have accessed the link you will be able to view the available appointments and book the time that is most convenient for you.

How much will the skin screening cost?

$77 including GST. This will be paid online at the time of booking and a receipt issued via email.

Will Westfund provide members with a rebate for the skin screening?

Depending on your level of Extras cover, you may be able to claim a benefit. Please refer to your Policy Summary on Members Online to check your benefits.  

What if a member needs to cancel their skin screening appointment?

You need to contact Spotscreen directly to reschedule or cancel any appointments. You can do this either by calling Spotscreen on 1300 305 230 or emailing [email protected].


You must notify Spotscreen at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment of any changes or cancellations. If you don't meet this timeframe Spotscreen may charge you for the full cost of the appointment.


A "no show" is someone who has not shown up to the appointment and has not provided any notice of not attending the appointment. This means that you will be charged the full cost of the appointment.

How long will the skin screening take?

Appointments take approximately 15 minutes.

Is the screening technology safe for pregnant women?

Yes. The screening technology is completely safe for all ages and skin types, including pregnant women.

Does having olive/darker skin exempt you from Melanoma?

All skin types are at risk of getting skin cancer. Darker skin types have less of a risk of getting skin cancer than lighter skin types, although they are not exempt from the disease. In fact Bob Marley was diagnosed with skin cancer on his foot, which ultimately led to him passing.

What happens if the skin screening finds something suspicious?

Where a suspicious spot or mole is found, the practitioner will note this on your assessment form and provide a referral to a GP or a skin clinic where required.


It is very important that you take the practitioner's advice and have any identified spots reviewed further within the timeframe provided.

Are the skin screening clinics a “one off”?

We're excited to grow our health service offering to members. However, this is a pilot. If this service is of value to our members, we will continue to offer this service and look to expand. 

Who will the provider be referring to?

If something suspicious is identified during the screening, You'll be referred to your own GP and encouraged to visit them as soon as possible.

Do you need to undress?

It is not compulsory to undress down to underwear. The skin check can be completed with a top off and bottom item (or vice versa) of clothing on if you feel too uncomfortable to remove all your clothing at once (except underwear).


However, Spotscreen does recommend undressing to underwear for a comprehensive evaluation. Gym or boxer shorts are fine.