What is a Transfer Certificate?

A Transfer Certificate, also known as a Clearance Certificate, serves as a record of your health insurance coverage. The Certificate confirms the following details:

  • Type of cover (e.g. Hospital, Extras)
  • Level of cover
  • Join date
  • Cancellation date
  • Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) 
  • A history of your recent claims
  • Savings Provision Entitlement
  • Mental Health exemption waiver
  • Age-Based Discount

Why do I need a Transfer Certificate?

If you're transferring from another fund to Westfund without a Transfer Certificate, it will be like you're taking out health insurance for the first time. This means you will need to serve any waiting periods and we may also increase your hospital premium by applying Lifetime Health Cover loading.

I am transferring to Westfund, do I need to provide a Transfer Certificate?

When transferring from another health insurer, we'll ask your previous fund to provide us with a copy of your Transfer Certificate. This helps us to confirm details such as Lifetime Health Cover and Age-Based Discounts to ensure you're being charged the correct premium. It also outlines the waiting periods you've already served and the benefits you had available/used on your previous cover.


If you would like a copy of your Transfer Certificate you will need to contact your current fund to request a copy. In accordance with the Private Health Insurance Act 2007, your current health fund has 14 days to issue your Transfer Certificate.

I am moving to Australia from overseas, what documentation do I need to provide?

Westfund honour international health insurance cover, provided you have a letter from your previous insurer showing details of who is covered, the period of cover and a full PDS in English confirming the services included on your cover. Your waiting periods will be waived in accordance with the documentation received provided there has been no break in cover.