What is the Inpatient Travel benefit and how is it calculated?

The Inpatient Travel benefit allows you to claim a benefit to help with the travel costs associated with an inpatient hospital admission. 

The benefit is calculated on a grouped kilometre basis, where the round trip from your home to the hospital you're being admitted to is in excess of 150 kilometres.

 There are criteria that apply to the inpatient travel benefit:

  • An inpatient travel benefit is payable when there is a corresponding hospitalisation record on the membership (must be admitted as a private patient)
  • 12 month waiting period applies
  • Benefit only available for travel to an inpatient hospital admission for an active person listed on the membership
  • This benefit is limited to one service per member per episode of hospitalisation.


Calculate your Inpatient Travel Benefit

The Inpatient Travel benefit is based on round-trip distance. Use the table below to help estimate the benefit based on distance travelled:

Distance Travelled Eligible Overseas covers benefit

All other eligible Hospital covers benefit

0 - 149 km Nil Benefit Nil Benefit
150 - 200km $20 $40
201 - 250km $25 $50
251 - 300km $30 $60
301 - 350km $40 $70
351 - 400km $50 $80
401 - 450km $60 $90
451km+ $70 $100

Refer to your Policy Summary for further information.

Common Questions

How do I claim the Inpatient Travel benefit?

To claim your Inpatient Travel benefit, you'll have to complete and submit a Travel & Accommodation claim form. Once we've received the corresponding record from the hospital, we can pay the travel benefit.

Am I entitled to the Inpatient Travel benefit?

Not sure if you're entitled to the Inpatient Travel benefit? You can check your policy summary via Members Online to see if it's included in your cover, as well any limits that may apply.


An ambulance took me to the hospital, can I still claim a return trip?

If there is an Ambulance or Non-Emergency Patient Transport charge related to the episode of hospitalisation, unfortunately we're unable to pay a benefit towards inpatient travel costs.

Can I claim a travel benefit from Westfund and also a Patient Assisted Travel Scheme?

Unfortunately, we're unable to pay a benefit if you have already claimed via the Patient Assisted Travel Schemes (PATS).

If you are unable to claim via PATS for inpatient travel, then you may submit your claim to Westfund.

PATS vary from state to state - check what's available for you here.