Age-Based Discounts

What is the Age-Based Discount and are you eligible?

Age-Based Discounts are exactly that – a discount on hospital premiums of two per cent for each year that a person is aged under 30 when they first purchase eligible hospital cover. Age-Based Discounts were introduced as part of the federal government’s 2019 reform of private health insurance to make private hospital cover affordable for younger people and as an incentive to take out a policy. The maximum discount a person is entitled to is ten per cent. It’s voluntary for private health insurers to implement Age-Based Discounts.

Age-Based Discounts are available for both new and existing Westfund members. You’re entitled to the discount based on the age you were at the time Westfund implemented the Age-Based Discount (1 July 2019) or from when you first take out an eligible hospital cover. This date is also known as your discount assessment date.


Your age when you take out hospital cover

Percentage discount














Example one

Jill took out private hospital cover with Westfund at 25, and was 28 when Westfund implemented the Age-Based Discounts (1 July 2019). She is entitled to the four per cent discount for a 28-year-old, as this was her age at the time the discount was implemented.

My partner and I are both entitled to an Age-Based Discount. What will our discount percentage be?

If you’re both entitled to a discount, the total discount percentage is an average of the two, similar to the way Lifetime Health Cover loading is calculated.

Example two

Lee and Jamie, both 27, are joining Westfund on a family hospital cover. As 27-year-olds, they are entitled to an Age-Based Discount of six per cent, however this does not mean the discounts are combined for a total discount of 12 per cent. The total discount percentage will be an average of the two, which in this case is six per cent.

The Age-Based Discount applies until you turn 41, and will start to phase out after this point. The discount will reduce by two percent each year until no discount is applicable.

The removal of the discount once you turn 41:

If, for that period, the person is aged:

The person’s percentage for the period is:

18 or older, but under 41

The person’s base percentage


The persons’ base percentage minus two percentage points


The person’s base percentage minus four percentage points


The person’s base percentage minus six percentage points


The person’s base percentage minus eight percentage points

45 or older


Common questions

I have a Westfund Ambulance/Extras only cover. Can I get an Age-Based Discount?

Sorry – the Age-Based Discount is only applied to Hospital cover. Extras only and Ambulance policies don’t meet the requirements for the discount.

If I cancel my hospital cover, and at a later date purchase another hospital cover, what discount can be offered?

If you cancel your cover and choose to take out hospital cover at a later date, the insurer can only offer a discount based on the age you are when you re-join hospital cover

If I suspend my cover to travel overseas, will the discount remain at the percentage of when I took out the cover, or when I reactivate the membership?

The percentage discount that was locked in at the discount assessment date  remains the same. For example, if you purchase an Age-Based Discount eligible hospital cover at age 26, your discount is eight per cent. The date this cover was purchased is the discount assessment date.  If you suspend your cover for 18 months to travel, when the cover is activated upon your return, the eight per cent discount will still apply.