Westfund launches digital membership cards

Westfund Health Insurance has launched digital membership cards through the Apple Wallet app.

The launch is a significant one for Westfund, making them one of the first member-owned funds to offer both Apple and Android digital cards.

Westfund members can now make an extras claim simply by tapping their iPhone or Apple Watch at HICAPS terminals.

 “We’re excited to offer digital membership cards to our members,” said Westfund’s Chief Technology Officer John Pallister.

“This launch was a huge effort across our team, and it's a great achievement to be one of the first health insurers to offer this capability for members.”

“We know that members value convenience and security, and digital membership cards provide both,” he said.

“Offering digital membership cards shows our commitment to creating the best possible digital experience.” 

"We've placed a big focus on increasing our digital capabilities to drive more efficiencies for members, and this is just one example of that, with more to come," he said.

Security and privacy are crucial to Apple Wallet. When members add their card, it is encrypted on their device with their passcode, and the membership number is encrypted when it is securely transmitted from the device to the reader.

Westfund members can add their membership card to Apple Wallet in three easy steps:

1 – Open or get the Westfund app on iPhone.

2 – Tap the ‘card’ section at the bottom of the screen.

3 – Tap ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ and follow the prompts.

Members can also add their membership card to their Android device.

Learn more: https://www.westfund.com.au/digital-westfund-membership-card/