Back to School

Are all you parents ready for the back to school saga with your little ones?

Here are some basics to help prepare yourself and the kids for their first days back to school this year:

1. Back to school shopping

Make a list of all the stationery, backpacks etc. and mark them off as you go so you wont miss a thing and have some peace of mind too.

2. Go to bed on time!

They say it’s important to get at least 8 hours sleep every night to be ready for the day ahead. As the school holidays draw to a close, start going to bed that little bit earlier each day to ensure you and your kids are getting the right amount of sleep you both need. During term time aim to go to bed at the same time every night to get into a routine, this will make it much easier for everyone and should reduce bedtime arguments.

3. Keep active

As you’re starting to get back into the swing of things, try out some new sports and activities for the kids to ease their stress, keep them active and have them looking forward to things after school. The school day can be a long one for them when they’re not into that routine yet, so keeping active will also ensure your little ones will be ready for bed every night too.

4. Pre-preparing lunches

It can be tedious activity packing lunch every day. One way to skip the morning panic is to make a batch of sandwiches at the weekend, freeze them and pop one in their lunch box each day. Not only will this save time but also will keep their lunch box cool and should be perfectly defrosted by lunchtime.

You could also mix it up a little and try out some new recipes that you and the kids can both enjoy? Break out some of your creativity this year and try some different lunch box snacks that will keep the kids wanting more.

5. Allow some reading time each day

Reading is one of the most important and efficient learning tools for children. Set aside some time each night before bed to enjoy some reading time with your loved ones, it helps develop their skills and ensures some quality time for you and for the kids (they might love it!)

Good luck (for you and the kids) with the back to school countdown for 2015!