Habit-change hacks for a feel-good life

We asked experts to explain the science of habit change and share great hacks on how to establish healthy changes that last. We also gathered some healthy recipes the whole family will love.

The lazy person’s guide to weight loss

If you find yourself wondering, ‘Why can’t I lose weight?’ You might be pushing too hard. A simpler, more realistic approach could make all the difference. The idea of losing weight can seem daunting, and the reality is that it’s not an easy journey. However, it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as what you might think.

Record breaking round for Westfund’s Community Grants

Over 150 applications from community groups and organisations were submitted in the latest rund of the Westfund Community Grants Project, with grants of up to $2500 available. The program also includes 'Here for Hearts', which provides access to defibrillators for eligible organisations.

Drink less, feel better

Most of us love having a few drinks every now and again. You feel good at the time, but later you feel… not so good. So does that mean your drinking is problematic? Learn the best ways to go about cutting back on your alcohol intake.

Chocolate raspberry better-for-you brownie

Looking for a healthier cheeky snack? This recipe is perfect for when you need to satisfy that craving for something sweet. 

Healthier chicken parmigiana with sweet potato mash

You can happily indulge in this nutritious chicken parmy recipe that is packed with flavour - cheers!