Boyne Island State School Receive a Life Saving Piece of Equipment

Westfund's Regional Manager Sarah Aldous with teachers and students of Boyne Island State School

Our Here for Hearts program has helped another school gain access to a life-saving piece of equipment.

Boyne Island State School is the lucky recipient of a subsided Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) after their application for the program was successful.

Here for Hearts is a collaboration with the Defibshop which aims to increase both awareness and access to AEDs.

This partnership means we can provide more of these devices in regional areas where they’re needed most.

In the case of sudden cardiac arrest, every second is vital – meaning that the role AEDs can play in saving a life can be crucial.

Regional Manager Sarah Aldous visited the Boyne Island State School on Friday 11 August to present the device to the school at a special assembly.

“I’m so pleased to be able to present an AED to Boyne Island State School,” said Mrs Aldous.

“It will provide peace of mind to the entire school community who are now well prepared should an instance of sudden cardiac arrest occur,” she said.

The AED is installed in a central location at the school following the presentation.